MH Title

Jacob Korn, founding principal, born in 1922 to working-class Russian immigrants, entered law school on the GI bill as a veteran of World War II, earning a law degree from Rutgers Law in 1949. Jacob “fell” into the little-known field of title abstracting while clerking for a prestigious Morristown law firm, known today as Porzio, Bromberg & Newman. Ralph Porzio asked Jake to “go make a title search” on a piece of property he was interested in buying, something Jake or Mr. Porzio knew little about. Some say that’s when Jake started on a search that has lasted a lifetime. Over the next nine years, he gained extensive experience and knowledge in the field of real property title examination and started Morris Home Abstract Co., which supplied title abstracts and certifications to attorneys and lenders in connection with purchase and mortgage transactions. His reputation grew as the local title expert and go-to resource for a title, becoming known as “the Source” by fellow attorneys utilizing his services; attorneys who looked to Jake’s able guidance, relying on his proficient legal knowledge and in-depth understanding of title issues.

In 1958 Jake was approached by Chicago Title Insurance Company to become one of the company’s first title insurance agents in the state of New Jersey, and over the next 30 years, Morris Home Title Agency grew to become one of the areas most recognized and utilized sources for title insurance services. Morris Home Title Agency has been recognized by Chicago Title as one of its leading agencies nationwide, receiving numerous awards for outstanding business performance. Currently representing Chicago Title Insurance Company under the corporate underwriter umbrella of Fidelity National Title Group. Morris Home Title Agency continues as of one of the longest standing title agencies in the state of New Jersey.

In 1980 Gordon Korn came aboard to begin a second generation of title men. Having grown up around the Hall of Records, Gordon became a proficient abstractor as a teenager, and unbeknownst to himself at the time, was setting the stage for a second generation to continue the family business. Gordon, graduating with a BA from the University of New Hampshire in 1976, completed a year of law school at California Western School of Law before deciding to make his career at the title agency. Gordon has continued to grow the success of the company, bringing his broad title knowledge and expertise to a demanding clientele while strategically leading the company into the 21st century. Gordon affirms:

“We pride ourselves on 50 plus years of providing strong personal attention to the needs of clients and endeavor to meet or exceed client’s expectations in providing the services and guidance they require.”

In 1990, Ronald Korn, Gordon’s brother, with a strong background in corporate finance, joined the team of dedicated Korn men to work in the title field. Today, Gordon’s son Jonathan, who recently earned a title insurance producer’s licenser, ushers in a third generation to the family business. As well, Gordon’s brother, Herbert M. Korn, attorney at law, acts as corporate counsel to the agency. Together with a dedicated staff that combines with the Korns for over 200 years of title experience, Morris Home Title Agency continues to meet decades’ long standards for expert title work and superior customer service!

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